Speed Agility and Quickness  Practical

Agility is the ability to rapidly change the body's position efficiently and effectively - requiring a combination of balance and coordination.


This was a very useful course to keep athletes engaged and learn new drills to improve their agility and fitness.

Rob Allison, Grimsby Harriers Athletics Club

Within sport, agility is the response to a stimuli (ie an opposing player approaching or a moving target). This workshop and its supporting resource will provide an opportunity to explore the FUNdamentals of Agility and give practical solutions to accelerate its development within children. The workshop builds on the knowledge previously gained from the 'An Introduction to the FUNdamentals of Movement' workshop and looks at the individual component of Agility in more detail. It also builds on the development and enhancement of observational techniques and skills.

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • introduce and identify the specific principles of Agility in more detail within various stages of activity
  • develop skills of observation, evaluation and intervention to improve agility
  • learn, develop and apply how to improve participants' movement skills with sport-specific techniques.

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